Richard Warren and the Mayflower




1.  Richard Warren


            It is on the Nye family branch that the Patricks are descended from Richard Warren, who came to America on the Mayflower.  This information has been documented by Hugh McLellan.  


            Hugh wrote a letter to Betty Chimicles dated January 5, 1941, and documented their lineage to Richard Warren.  Betty was apparently interested in the Pilgrims at the time.  He wrote that, "Aunt Elsie [Nye], Aunt Margaret [Nye] and Uncle Charlie [Nye] were members of the 'Society of Mayflower Descendants'." 


            In the book, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1900, Hugh wrote that the following was known about Richard Warren:


Richard Warren, not of Robinson's Church, but from London; left his wife Elizabeth, who came with five daughters in the 'Anne'; they had two sons after her arrival.  He died 1628.


            In the book, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1901, Hugh wrote that it stated:


Richard Warren was not a member of the Leyden Company, but one of those from London who joined the Pilgrims at Plymouth, England.  His wife, Elizabeth, whose maiden name is unknown, came over in the 'Anne' in 1623, bringing five daughters.  They had two sons born in Plymouth; to one, Nathaniel, a grant of land was made in consideration of being one of the first-born children in the Colony.  His (Richard's) is the twelfth signature to the Compact.  He was one of the final exploring party sent out in the Mayflower's shallop, and therefore landed at Plymouth, December 21, 1620.  His home at Plymouth was in the section later known as Hobshole, where he died in 1628.  Secretary Morton speaks of him as a 'useful Instrument; and during his life bore a deep share in the Difficulties and Troubles of the first Settlement of the plantation of New-Plymouth'.  


            Hugh also wrote that he had a note that he could not guarantee, that said Richard's wife had been a widow and her maiden name was Elizabeth Juatt.  Her first husband may have been Marsh. 


            Finally, Hugh told Betty that she was descended from Richard Warren through the Nye family and not the Moore or Corbin families.  He wrote:


Elizabeth McLellan, dau of Malcolm Nye McLellan and M.F. Sherwood

Malcolm Nye McLellan, son of Elizabeth Matilda Nye and C.W. McLellan

Elizabeth Matilda Nye, dau of Bartlett Nye and Lucy Matilda Moore

Bartlett Nye, son of Elizabeth Bartlett and Elias Nye

Elizabeth Bartlett, dau of Zacheus Bartlett and Margaret Barnes

Zacheus Bartlett, son of Joseph(3) Bartlett and Elizabeth ------

Joseph(3) Bartlett, son of Joseph(2) Bartlett and Lydia Griswold

Joseph(2) Bartlett, son of Joseph(1) Bartlett and Hannah Fallowell

Joseph(1) Bartlett, son of Robert Bartlett and Mary Warren

Marry Warren, dau of RICHARD WARREN and Elizabeth Marsh, nee Juatt(?)


            Hugh also told Betty that Charles Freeman Nye was a member of the Society of Colonial Wars, which required ancestors that were soldiers or officials during Colonial times before the Revolutionary War.  The following people were listed in Charles' application:


You are 10th from JOHN PRESCOTT, 1604-1681, served in garrison at Lancaster against Indians, 1675 and 1676 (Moore branch)

You are 9th from Col. SAMUEL PARTRIDGE, 1645-1740.  Quartermaster, Major John Pynchon's Troop 1688.  Deputy, 1683, et. seq. (Corbin branch)

You are 9th from Capt. JONATHAN PRESCOTT, 1643-1721.  Concord, Mass.  Captain of Militia, Garrison duty.  Deputy, 1692.  (Moore branch)

You are 9th from Rev. GERSHOM BULKLEY, D.D., M.D. 1636-1713.  Surgeon and Chaplain, Conn. King Philip's War.   (Moore branch).

You are 9th from ROBERT BARTLETT, 1603-1676.  Plymouth, Mass.  Served in Capt. Myles Standish's Company, 1632  (Nye Branch)

You are 8th from EDMUND FREEMAN, 1589-1682.  Sandwich, Mass.  Assistant, 1640-45.  Member of Council of War, 1642.  Deputy 1646.  (Nye branch).


Now also note that Rev. GERSHOM BULKLEY married Sarah Chauncey, who was the daughter of CHARLES CHAUNCEY, who was the second President of Harvard College.


Uncle Charlie seems to have omitted another ancestor:  Capt. TIMOTHY DWIGHT, 1639-1718, Dedham, Mass.  Cornet of Horse and Captain of Foot.  In 10 Indian Expeditions.  Deputy.  He married the daughter of Col. Samuel Partridge above, and her mother was a CROW, as Col. Samuel Partridge above, married Mehitable Crow.  


            I found the book called the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1901.  On page 100, it lists two Nyes:  884, 397  Nye, Charles Freeman [Uncle Charlie Nye], Champlain, N.Y. eight in descent from Richard Warren.  Also, 1502, 567 Nye, Ellen Rose [Aunt Elsie Nye], Champlain N.Y., eight in descent from Richard Warren.


            In summary, here is a listing of the descendants of Richard Warren, leading to the Patrick family:


1.  Richard Warren - married Elizabeth Jauneatt

2.  Mary Warren - married Robert Bartlett

3.  Joseph (I) Bartlett - married Hannah Fallowell

4.  Joseph Bartlett (II) - married Lydia Griswold

5.  Joseph Bartlett (III) - married Elizabeth ------

6.  Zacheus Bartlett - married Margaret Barnes

7.  Elizabeth Bartlett - married Elias Nye

8.  Bartlett Nye - married Lucy Matilda Moore

9.  Elizabeth Matilda Nye - married Charles McLellan II

10. Malcolm Nye McLellan - married Florence Sherwood

11. Elizabeth "Betty" McLellan - married George Chimicles


            A search of the Internet for the name ‘Richard Warren’ uncovered a large number of WEB sites devoted to people who can also trace their family trees to Richard Warren.  


            One site states that Richard Warren (1579/1580 – 20 October, 1673) was born in London, Middlesex and was Christened on January 24, 1580 at St. Peter Cornhil in London, Middlesex, England.   He married Elizabeth Jauneatt on January 1, 1593, in London. 


The following is the lineage of Richard Warren starting from his great-grandfather, Christopher Warren.


2.  Christopher Warren


Christopher Warren (1515 - ) is the first Warren that is listed.  He may have married Margaret Leigh.  However, the date of her birth does not make sense

(1470-).  He may have also been married again in 1535 in Devonshire, England.


They had a child named:


            William Warren (1532-October 12, 1558)



3.  William Warren


William Warren was born in 1532 in England and died on October 12, 1558.  He married Ann Mable who was born in 1534.  The marriage was in 1559 in Headborough, Ashburton, England.  The had:


Christopher Warren (1558 – December 7, 1587)


4.  Christopher Warren


Christopher was born in 1558 in Carlstock, England, and was Christened in Ashburton, Devonshire, England.  He died on December 7, 1587 in Islington, Devon, England. 


            Christopher Warren married Alice Webb who was born in 1560 and the marriage was in 1579 in Sydenham, Devon, England. 


Christopher Warren and Alice Webb had eight children who were named:


* Richard Warren (1579/1580 – October 20, 1673) - Mayflower

William Warren (1581 - )

Thomas Warren (1584 - )

John Warren (May 1, 1585 – December 13, 1667)

Robert Warren (1585 - )

Christopher Warren (1589 - )

Mary Warren (1591 - )

Ann Warren (1591 - )



5.  Richard Warren


            Richard Warren married Elizabeth Jauneatt who was born and Christened in 1583 in England and died on October 2, 1673, in Plymouth.  She was buried on October 24, 1673.  Her parents were Oliver (1563-) and Francis (1565- ).  She was also married to Jaut Pratt (1583- ) and Mr. Marsh (1583- ) before Richard Warren.


Richard and Elizabeth had 11 children who were named:


            Richard Warren (1603 - )

            John Warren (1605 – November 5, 1688)

            Sarah Warren (1605 - April, 25, 1696)

* Mary Warren (1607 – February 12, 1676)

Abigail Warren (1609 – 1685)

Elizabeth Warren (1612 – March 7, 1669/1670)

Richard Warren (  - 1628)

[       ] Warren (1620 - )

Ann Warren (1623 – 1676)

Joanna Warren (1629 - )

John Warren (1631 - )



6.  Mary Warren


Mary Warren was born in 1607 in London or Middlesex, England.  She died on February 12, 1676 in Plymouth.  She married Robert Bartlett (1607 - ) and also Thomas Delano (1607 - ).  Several WEB sites are also devoted to Robert Bartlett.



Presidents Related to Richard Warren


One WEB site shows that Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt can also trace their ancestry to Richard Warren.  Both of them are descended from Mercy Warren who was the daughter of Nathaniel Warren and who was the son of Richard Warren. 




The Bartlett Family


            The Bartlett and Warren families were united with the marriage of Richard Warren’s daughter, Mary Warren, to Robert Bartlett.   Mary was born in 1607 in London or Middlesex, England, and died on February 12, 1676, in Plymouth.  Robert Bartlett was also born in 1607. 


            An article was found detailing the first Bartlett family to come to America.   Eventually, the Bartlett family married into the Nye family as shown earlier.  The two Bartlett Nye members of the family probably derive their name from the last name of Bartlett, which passed through many generations. 






            ROBERT BARTLETT was the first Bartlett in this country, and although something of his history before he came here was sought for, nothing very reliable has been yet obtained.   He arrived here in the second vessel, the Anne in July, 1623, and if he was among the projectors of the settlement of this country, he must have been one of the number who put back because of the unseaworthiness of the Speedwell.   Mr. Richard Warren came in the first ship, but his wife, Elizabeth, was a fellow passenger with Robert Bartlett, and probably also her daughters, as Robert afterwards married Mary Warren, the eldest one. 


            In the first assignment of lots, being then “unmarried” he had but one acre situated at Hobb’s Hole.  After his marriage he removed to Eelriver, a short distance from, and east of, the present bridge, whese his wife’s family resided (Warren farm).  He died in 1676, aged 73.  O. C [Old Church] Records contain his will and inventory.  He was a cooper.  In O. C. Records 1660: — “Robert Bartlett was admonished by the Colony Court of Plymouth for speaking contemptuously of the ordinance of Psalm singing.”



            The Robert Bartlett line was compiled by someone whose handwriting is unfamiliar.  Hugh McLellan also re-made the line starting with Zacheus Bartlett. 


1. Robert Bartlett


            2.  Benjamin Bartlett – married Sarah Brewster


            2.  Joseph Bartlett (1638-1711) – married Hannah Fallowell


                        3.  Joseph Bartlett (1665-1703) – married Lydia Griswold


                                    4.  Joseph Bartlett (1693-1756)


                                                5.  William Bartlett

                                                5.  Sylvanus Bartlett

                                                5.  Jerusha Bartlett - married Joseph --well

                                                5.  Lydia Bartlett - married Jonathan Parker

                                                5.  Zacheus Bartlett (1725-1800) - married Margaret Barnes


                                                            6.  Phoebe Bartlett (1754- ) - married David Perry

                                                            6.  Betsey (Elizabeth) Bartlett (1757- ) - m. Elias Nye

                                                                        7.  Ruth Nye (1787-1880) - not married

                                                                        7.  Margaret Nye (1788 - ) - died young

                                                                        7.  Freeman Nye (1791-1877) - no children

                                                                        7.  Eliza Nye (1793-1864) - married R. Hoyle

                                                                        7.  Isaac Nye (1796-1871) - not married

                                                                        7.  Bartlett Nye (1799-1857) - m. Matilda Moore

                                                                        7.  Thomas Nye (1801-1877) - no children


                                                            6.  Joseph Bartlett (1761- )

                                                            6.  Mary Bartlett (1763 - ) - married Mayo

                                                            6.   Zacheus Bartlett (Sept. 20, 1765-Dec 25, 1835) -

                                                                        7.  Sidney Bartlett (Feb. 13, 1799- ) -  lawyer

                                                                        7.  George Bartlett (Fe 9, 1807-Se 24, 1864) - m. Greenwood

                                                                                    8.  William (1837-1865) - Harvard 1858

                                                                                    8.  Alice A. (Dec. 11, 1844- ) - m. Henry Warren

                                                                        7.  Margaret Bartlett (Jan. 17, 1810 -) - m. Warren

                                                                                    8.  Mary Ann (Nov 24, 1835 - )

                                                                                    8.  Winslow? (Mar. 26?, 1838 - )

                                                                                                9.  Charles (Mar. 9, 1858 - )

                                                                                                9.  Margaret (Dec. 16, 1869 - )

                                                                                                9.  Mary L. (Jan. 14, 1873 - )

                                                                                                9.  ----- (June 1, 1878 - )

                                                                                    8.  Bowline B. ? (Dec. 18, 1841- )

                                                                        7.  Caroline Bartlett (Oct. 28, 1812 - ) - m. James Pratt

                                                                                    8.  Herbert Pratt (May 8, 1841- )

                                                                                    8.  Mary Pratt (Oct. 1895 - )

                                                            6.  George Bartlett (1768- )

                                                            6.  Isaac M. Bartlett (1770- ) - Doctor, married Elizabeth

                                                            6.  Melatiah Bartlett (1774- ) - married Patty Bartlett ( - Dec 13, 1815)


                                                5.  Betty Bartlett - married Benjamin Rider

                                                5.  Joseph Bartlett - married Lydia Cobb


                                    4.  Samuel Bartlett

                                    4.  Lydia Bartlett

                                    4.  Benjamin Bartlett

                                    4.  Sarah Bartlett


                        3.  Robert Bartlett

                        3.  Elnathan Bartlett

                        3.  Benjamin Bartlett

                        3.  Hannah Bartlett - married G. Sylvester

                        3.  Mary Bartlett

                        3.  Sarah Bartlett


            2.  Rebecca Bartlett – married William Harlow

            2.  Mary Bartlett – married J. Morey

            2.  Sarah Bartlett – married S. Rider

            2.  Elizabeth Bartlett – married A. Sprague[?]

            2.  Lydia Bartlett – married J. Bau...[?]

            2.  Mercy Bartlett – married G. [?]

1.  Zacheus Bartlett


            Zacheus Bartlett was born in 1725 and died in 1800.  He married Margaret Barnes and had eight children. 


            Phoebe Bartlett (1754- ) - married David Perry

            * Betsey (Elizabeth) Bartlett (1757- ) - married Elias Nye, moved to Burlington

            Joseph Bartlett (1761- )

            Mary Bartlett (1763 - ) - married Mayo

            Zacheus Bartlett (Sept. 20, 1765-Dec 25, 1835)

            George Bartlett (1768- )

            Isaac M. Bartlett (1770- ) - Doctor, married Elizabeth

            Melatiah Bartlett (1774- ) - also called Mally?



2.  Elizabeth (Bartlett) Nye


            Elizabeth Bartlett was the second child of Zacheus and Margaret (Barnes) Bartlett.  She was born on October 21, 1758, in Plymouth, Massachusetts and died on May 17, 1825, at the age of 66, in Burlington, Vermont.  She was the second wife of Elias Nye.


            Elizabeth and Elias had seven children:


            Ruth Shurtleff Nye (April 5, 1787 - October 15, 1880) - unmarried

            Margaret Nye (Dec 1, 1788 - ?) - born in Carver, died young

            Freeman Nye (November 2, 1791 - November 13, 1877) – married, no children

            Elizabeth (Eliza) Bartlett Nye (Sept 27, 1793 - Sept 24, 1864) – married, child

            Isaac Nye (November 1,1796 - April 27, 1871) - unmarried

         * Bartlett Nye (Jan 8, 1799 - Dec 1, 1857) – m. Matilda and Laura Moore, eight children

            Thomas Nye (November 23, 1801 - May 15, 1877) – mar. Corinna Bowman, no children



2.  Zacheus Bartlett


            Zacheus Bartlett was the son of Zacheus Bartlett and was born on September 20, 1765, and died on December 25, 1835, at the age of 70.  He graduated from Harvard in 1789.  He married Hannah Jackson who may have been born in 1777 and died in 1858. 


            Zacheus and Hannah had four children:


            Sidney Bartlett (Feb. 13, 1799 - )

            George Bartlett (Feb 9, 1807-Sep. 24, 1864) - graduated Harvard in 1827, Doctor. 

                                                                                    Married Caroline Amelia Greenwood.

                        William Bartlett (1837-1865) - Harvard 1858

                        Alice A. Bartlett (Dec. 11, 1844 - ) - married Henry Warren

            Margaret Bartlett (Jan. 17, 1810 - ) - married Warren

            Caroline Bartlett (Oct. 28, 1812 - ) - married James Pratt



            Zacheus Bartlett was the brother of Elizabeth Bartlett who married Elias Nye.  Elizabeth was the second wife of Elias Nye and was born on October 21, 1758, and died May 17, 1825, at the age of 66.  Elias and Elizabeth resided in Plympton but moved to Burlington. 


            Zacheus wrote a number of letters to his sister Elizabeth in Burlington.  The letters are quite interesting and reveal the character of Zacheus. 



2.  Isaac Bartlett


            Isaac Bartlett was the brother of Elizabeth (Bartlett) Nye.  He was born in 1770 .  He married a lady named Elizabeth and was a doctor.   


            Isaac and his wife may have had at least four children, as stated in a letter.  He also mentioned that he had “boys” which would indicate at least two boys. 


            Laura Ann Bartlett

            Fayette - may have been blind




            Isaac wrote a letter to his sister Elizabeth who was living in Burlington.  Isaac mentioned the sickness that was being passed around his town.  Since he was the doctor, he treated the sick but got sick and a fever too.  Isaac also talked about politics and different political groups: the Democrats, Federalists and Baptists.  Isaac also made mention of his children.  One child, named Fayette, appears to have been blind.  Finally, Isaac tells Elizabeth how much he missed her. 



2.  Melatiah Bartlett


            A letter was written by Melatiah Bartlett, who was the brother of Elizabeth (Betsey) Bartlett, Elias Nye’s wife.  Melatiah was born in 1774 and married Patty Bartlett [I doubt this is her maiden name].  He was the youngest child of Zachaeus and Margaret (Barnes) Bartlett.  The letter was written on December 17, 1815, to Elias Nye of Burlington, Vermont, and had the following postal markings:  “PLYMO/MS./DEC/18”.  There were a number of misspellings in this letter. 





“O. C.” stands for Old Church.

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